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If you’re a Utah business, you must adhere to the laws and statutes listed by the Government. Utah has specific rules that employers obey regarding consumer reports, criminal background screening, or even a driver’s license check. Furthermore, a Utah law also expects a third party to run a background check on their employees. Peopletrail could be your next reliable screening PARTNER!

Utah Background Checks

Utah's Employment Laws

When it comes to background checks, State laws are put in action to safeguard the employees’ rights and clarify employers’ obligations. Several Acts in Utah are passed to achieve this objective. In Utah, fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) provides maximum security to employees by citing wage and hour laws. Infringement of such laws in Utah results in penalties and incarceration. Furthermore, Utah’s Legal Holidays Law makes sure that each employer knows when to give an off day. The law clarifies which days are marked as legal holidays. On the other hand, Utah’s Civil Statute of Limitations Law requires quick legal action to be taken to sue a person/employer within a definite period as stated by the law if they endured damage on their account.

However, this type of law doesn’t apply to minors, disabled, or mentally ill people in Utah. Similarly, Utah’s right to work law protects employees from union membership hassle. 1955s Labor Union Law in Utah indicates that employees have a right to their jobs; they can’t be fired based on their joining Labor union or not, neither can the employers withhold any job-related benefit. Violation of this law in Utah accounts for a $2500 penalty or maximum 6-month detention. Following employment law is Utah’s overtime pay Law,, as the name suggests, it protects employees from overworking within the same salary structure. The requirement for work hours within a week in Utah’s employment agencies for overwork is 40+ hours.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t apply in certain conditions, such as submitting more pay on employee excursions or immediate leaves. Minors are also acquitted of this law in Utah. Lastly, Utah’s whistleblower Laws are implemented on workplace ethic grounds. This law shelters those employees in Utah who broadcast their employer’s illicit workplace practices.

Utah Laws and Regulations on Pre-Employment Background Checks

When it comes to background checks, certain agencies require consent; the state of Utah has made it mandatory for employers to seek permission before running background checks on their employees. Utah passed a Ban-the-Box law that safeguards ex-cons from getting scratched out from jobs because of their prior criminal record. This law prohibits employers from peeking into employees’ criminal records and helps eradicate prejudice against employers. However, employers are permitted to inquire about such records during the interviewing phase.

Utah Criminal Investigation and Technical Services Act 

This Act, under Utah Code § 53-10-101 TO § 53-10-606 grants specific employers certain rights to discover the criminal record of their chosen employees under certain conditions.

These employers have a right, by this law, to even directly inquire about the criminal records of their employees.

However, all these laws and regulations tend to shift and rectify, but not Peopletrail assistance. Our services remain solid and vows to deliver valid and timely background checks.

Federal Pre-Employment Background Check Laws and Regulations

When it comes to regulations and laws, Utah isn’t far behind! Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of Utah compels employers to maintain ethics when it comes to regarding and handling the personal details of the employees who come seeking the job. The regulations found in this law prohibit confidential employee data without formal authorization. Criminal background checks on empires in Utah, within FCRA law, are permissible while making decisions as long as the employer enlightens the employee about using such data for hiring reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Utah Background Checks

Typically they run back a maximum of 7 – 10 years, depending on the candidates age.

There are no major restrictions only certain laws like, FCRA, restrict pre-employment background inspections without employee consent.

One can always contact formal agencies like  

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification  which can run deep and legal background checks. However, you can also simply do so by contacting Peopletrail which offers the best  services pertaining to background checks and screening in  Utah!   Avail  our  Golden package here!

This law simply safeguards Utah employees when it comes to how many hours they work a week, and to ensure that their employers are providing them with reasonable pay or not. Employees’ rights are enveloped in. 

The bill ensures gun safety regulations and background checks on all gun holders, especially with a criminal record.

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