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New York Backgournd Checks & Hiring Laws

Background checks are a useful tool that helps in the identification and screening of the most qualified individuals. In New York, conducting a background check can be an arduous process with serious legal implications. New York employers need to abide by statutes about a background check, both local and federal, to avoid penalties and litigations.  Hence, awareness of what information can be collected through background checks is vital. The following information can be collected through background checks:

  • Driving records
  • Verification of SSN and past addresses
  • Reference checks
  • Military service records
  • Verification of education and past employment
  • Verification of professional certifications
  • Credit history
  • Criminal and civil records

While you can perform these background checks it is important to know the restrictions related to these checks. Some of the salient statutes relevant to background check limitations are given below:


The New York City Fair Chance Act (“NYFCA”), effective since October 27, 2015, makes it an unlawful discriminatory practice for most employers, organizations, and third party agencies to inquire about the criminal history of job applicants till the conditional offer of employment is placed. It basically rules how information is obtained, kept, used, and shared.


Under the New York State Human Rights Law, you cannot deny employment unless there is a direct relationship between the conviction and the employment sought or if granting the employment would put the employer’s welfare at risk. To accurately analyze conviction, Article 23-A of the New York Corrections Law should be conducted by employers.


New York City Human Rights Law protects against discrimination based on color, race, age, origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, and other classes. The Law was amended on January 11, 2020, to include protection for freelancers and independent contractors.

The Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act (SCDEA), effective September 3, 2015, amends NYCHRL, making it unlawful and discriminatory to request an applicant’s credit history for making any employment decisions. Similarly, inquiring about an applicant’s salary history at a previous job is prohibited under the law.

Peopletrail offers all kinds of background checks for employers new york.

New York State has specific laws the employers must comply with regarding consumer reports, criminal background checks, or even a driver’s license check.

Employers hire third-party agencies to run New York Background Checks by investigating former employers, educational transcripts, criminal records, references, etc. Hiring a consumer reporting agency in New York could be a tricky deal.

The employers must comply with the New York State law regulated by the FCRA and ensure consumer rights are protected at all levels. When organizations hire consumer reporting agencies to conduct background checks in New York, they become liable to ensure FCRA compliance and data integrity as prescribed by the law.

Learn more about the Fair Credit Reporting Act in New York. 

Not all background checks performed in New York State the same. Learn about the different types of screening options Peopletrail provides and how we make the hiring process streamlines for your new hires.

Peopletrail offers advanced criminal background checks in New York State. We take care of the entire screening process when it comes to criminal checks. The New York State Office of Court Administration (OCA) provides a New York Statewide criminal history record search (CHRS) for a fee of $95.00. Our New York State Background Checks include both state and national reports, as well as the CHRS.

Social media is the public face of an individual, and when you hire someone new in a state like New York, it is critical to get a social media background check on him or her. Social media screening in New York becomes necessary after the fair chance hiring policy implementation. Governor Cuomo Announced Executive Actions to Reduce Barriers For New Yorkers With Criminal Convictions. It is beneficial to have an additional source of information on your new candidates for peace of mind and company security in this scenario.

New York Volunteer Background Checks include a thorough criminal history check of individuals. Peopletrail conducts volunteer screening to determine whether an individual has a criminal history or not.

Identity verification in New York can help ensure that the applicant you are hiring is precisely whom they claim to be. The Identity checks help eliminate employment frauds.

Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of New ID Verification Tool to Fight Unemployment Fraud, Speed Processing of Claims

New York Financial Background Checks are referred to as credit reports or credit checks. Peopletrail offers financial screening reports to businesses that want to screen the financial credibility of their employees.

Peopletrail helps organizations screen the employment history of their new hires, not only in the US but also all over the world. 

Peopletrail helps New York-based businesses perform drug screening on their newly hired and integrate the background screening with the health screening of the candidate through a single platform.

As per law, all employers must complete Form I-9 in New York State to document each new employee’s identity and identify whether or not an employee has the legal right to work in the US.

New York State transport businesses may add a Motor Vehicle Report for pre-employment screening to see if he/she has a clean criminal and driving record. This check is perfect for such cases.

You can review the DMV Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (MV-15DPPA) (PDF) document to determine whether or not you have DPPA permissible use to see a driver’s record.

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A reliable screening provider like Peopletrail® helps you to feel safe in the workplace, hire confidently, worry less about legal liability, and eliminate any chances of negligent hiring. Our experienced reporting team gathers actionable insight® for you to make a better hiring decision.

Our employment background checks are detailed and review a person’s national and state-level criminal, commercial, and financial records.

How to Request Your New York State Criminal History?

Peopletrail offers personal background checks, specifically focusing on state and federal level records. If you are interested in performing a comprehensive background check on yourself and live in the State of New York, Order the Gold Package Here!

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New York offers some of the most salient protection laws for prospective employees nationwide. To avoid serious pitfalls in the hiring process, it is important to be well aware of the local laws and have the hiring process be aligned with them.

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