5 Background Screening Myths

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Traditionally, the words “background check” or “background investigation” may have been associated with government intelligence agencies, conducting screening on candidates for high-security positions. Images of fingerprints, espionage, and in-depth information probing may still be in the back of people’s minds.  On the other hand, some might question the integrity of background screening data, underestimating the … Read more

Organizational Culture Issues in Law Enforcement

Organizational Culture Issues

Organizational culture is just another name for workplace culture. And if you want to understand what workplace culture is, you need to first define it. Workplace culture is a combination of the principles, values, and beliefs within an organization and how the people inside the organization interact with each other, as well as with outsiders. … Read more

Expansion in the list of Pre Adverse Actions in New York State

Expansion in the list of Pre Adverse Actions in New York State

Background checks have become an essential part of employing a person. They ensure that you are employing someone who fits your culture and can move your company forward. However, they can lead to discrimination against people with criminal records, and that’s why New York has the Fair Chance Act. Understanding the law around background checks … Read more