Canadian Work Visa Immigration Rules in the US

Canadian work visa immigration rules in the US. What do HR Departments need to know?

Before moving and working in America, it is mandatory to fill out all the necessary paperwork and documents needed for your Visa. Although the process is rigorous and at times considered stressful, it helps an individual steer clear of any future implications with the law that may arise. Ensuring that you are on the right side of the law throughout the process, an immigration lawyer is recommended.

A professional lawyer is vital as one navigates through the countries immigration policies and laws and helps ensure that you have all the relevant forms and supporting documents. It is advisable to conduct thorough research on what the application process entails and familiarize yourself with the immigration rules of the US before commencing.

The type of work you will be performing also determines the type of work visa one should obtain, among other factors such as your skill level and the duration of your employment. The US offers immigrants either a temporary or permanent work visa if they have valuable skills to offer the job market.

 HR and work visa immigration

Under the American constitution, every employer needs to know that foreign workers who want to work in the country must have the relevant documents that show they are legal candidates for employment. The HR professionals must ensure that specific rules are followed once Form 1-9 has been submitted. 

The first section of the form needs to be completed after the first day at work. After completing the initial part of the form, the employer is then required to check a list A document to verify the candidate’s status. If the document has expired or is absent, HR should request to see a list B document and a list C instead.

If employers don’t complete the form and proceed to work with the immigrant, they are liable for fines of up to $1000 per document. To avoid these fines, employers need to be thorough in ensuring that the relevant documents are present, and if not, they should terminate their employment.

Ensuring compliance

It is up to HR professionals to ensure that the Form 1-9 process is carefully handled and there are no loopholes. Especially with the heated debate about immigrant workers in the US, it is vital to ensure that all foreign employees have satisfied the legal threshold.

The immigration landscape is constantly in flux, and changes are regularly occurring in the system, which calls for regular updates for employers. Therefore, HR professionals need to familiarize themselves with any changes made regarding immigration to steer clear of legal infringements that could affect business operations.

Though the Canadian- American ties are strong and the two countries have good working relations, it is essential to be on the right side of the law. For example, recruiting foreigners might seem like a good idea, especially if they are qualified for the job, but assessing whether they have the necessary documents is vital for employers. In addition, depending on the country one hails from, immigration policies and work visa regulations need to be followed.

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Canadian Work Visa Immigration Rules in the US

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