Advanced Background Checks For Employers

Peopletrail offers all kinds of advanced background checks including Criminal, Social Media and Financial Background Checks, Identity checks and much more.

Criminal Background Check – You know you are hiring lawful citizens and not criminals with our national criminal background check for employment. Criminal background checks keep you and your employees secure.

Social Media Background Check – Peopletrail’s AI-powered digital footprint check gives you the confidence to hire the appropriate candidates. Our social media background checks reveal undesirable behavior which may not be apparent in interviews.

Volunteer Background Checks – Peopletrail offers special pricing for volunteer and non-profit screening. Our reliable, detailed, and multi-usage checks ensure that your future volunteers meet your organizational benchmark.

Identity Checks – Know exactly who you are hiring with our thorough and instant identity check service. We offer up-to-date information acquired from confidential and reputable credit reporting sources.

Financial Background Checks – Peopletrail has access to all major credit bureau reporting systems. Financial background checks can help you avoid hiring someone with poor financial records and protect your organization from unnecessary liabilities.  Civil claims and reports are also available through our comprehensive financial checks.

Employment History Verifications – Don’t get stuck with a subpar employee because they faked credentials. Use the Peopletrail advantage to verify candidate information through reliable data sources.

Health & Drug Screening for Employment – Peopletrail offers a one-stop solution for comprehensive health screening and drug testing for employment. We help you make the right decisions where medical compliance is concerned.

Form I9 & E-Verify – Simplify the onboarding process with Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify solutions. We help companies meet the US employment and certification requirements with efficient I-9 management and storage services.

Candidate Experience – Improve your potential candidate’s hiring experience with our technologically advanced and resourceful tools. Optimize the talent journey for everyone involved by using Peopletrail solutions.

Extended Workforce Screening – Take the first step in eliminating risks involved with contingent employees. Enhance the sense of security and safety in your divisions via our contract or contingent-employee screenings.

Executive Intelligence – High-profile employees are the brain of your organization. We help you weed out the potential troublemakers with extensive executive-level background and screening solutions.

Global Screening – Peopletrail offers a broad range of background checks and other services in over 200 countries. Extend your workforce globally with easy and simplified international screening.

Driving Record Screening – Specific service offered to save more on insurance by reducing accidents caused by unsafe drivers. We help you keep your workplace legally consistent and secure by providing a comprehensive Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

accredited PBSA

We are Accredited by the PBSA!

A reliable screening provider like Peopletrail® helps you to feel safe in the workplace, hire confidently, worry less about legal liability, and eliminate any chances of negligent hiring. Our experienced reporting team gathers actionable insights for you to make a better hiring decision.

Our employment background checks are advanced, detailed and review a person’s national and state-level criminal, commercial, and financial records.

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